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Fitness bands have grown significantly in popularity over the past couple of years and we all know that more often than not these devices cost an arm and a leg. However, don’t worry because we’re introducing you to OshenWatch – an affordable smartwatch that is a 3-in-1 gadget disguised as a fitness band. Yes, you read it right! This device not only helps you track your fitness and health numbers but serves as a phone and a watch as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness lover or not – this gadget surely has something for everyone. Monitoring vital signs of your health, keeping track of fitness-related numbers, or simply replacing it as a phone is easy with OshenWatch.


What looks like a fitness band is actually an impressive 3-in-1 device. It’s a phone, a watch, and a health monitor. You can wear OshenWatch both on your morning run to keep track of your heart rate and burned calories, and you can also wear it to your office or a business meeting. Thanks to its sleek and simplistic design OshenWatch will never appear as inappropriate.

Besides the features all smartwatches offer, such as notifications, sleep monitor, step count, calls and so on, OshenWatch is able to keep track of the most important signs of your body and help you maintain your physical health and proper body recovery every day. OshenWatch helps you monitor both your heart rate and blood pressure in real time so that you know if everything is alright. OshenWatch is also really helpful if you want to lose weight. With this watch you are better able to stay on track with your calorie and steps count and it also helps you ensure your heart rate is soaring so that you burn maximum calories. If you have ever had any kind of relationship with fitness you must know that keeping track of these numbers is essential to weight loss. OshenWatch lets you take the blind guessing off of your workouts in order to alleviate the process of losing weight.


  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitor – OshenWatch keeps track of these signs anywhere, anytime and provides systematic data regarding your health
  • Large LED touch screen – lets you easily control the device
  • IP67 water resistance – with OshenWatch you can dive as deep as 3.3 feet for thirty minutes and it’s resistant to splashing, rain, accidental submersion
  • Step and calorie count – help you meet your fitness goals
  • Alarm and reminder – make sure you don’t oversleep, stay organized, and never miss an important call
  • Sleep monitoring – helps you know whether your sleep was adequate and how your overnight recovery is going
  • Incoming calls and notifications display – allow you to answer your calls without taking your phone and you can also receive instant notifications from your phone on your watch
  • Long standby time – OshenWatch’s battery has a lifespan of a week or even more
  • Anti-lost – were you to accidentally lose your watch this feature will really come in handy helping you find it
  • Sleek design – looks great on your wrist, is comfortable and fits any style
  • Remote control – with advanced Bluetooth technology you’ll have hands-free access to your phone’s music, texts, calls, and more


This three-in-one device is for everyone! Maybe you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to record all the numbers that contribute to your goals, maybe you’re an office worker that needs help being more active and organized, or maybe you simply want to have a health monitoring device with you at all times, so you know if everything is going well with your body. OshenWatch is perfect for everybody! It will provide feedback on your health, monitor your vital signs, help you stay more organized, and make sure you’re staying on track during your fitness journey.


Absolutely! OshenWatch offers you anything and even more that a smartwatch can offer but at a reasonable price! It’s truly a gem in a market filled with expensive and sometimes of questionable quality smartwatches. OshenWatch gives you excellent performance and thanks to its simplistic design you get a stylish, yet functional smartwatch. As a matter of fact, OshenWatch is a really valuable investment in your health and we all know that health comes first.


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